December 10, 2018

Disguising yourself as a nun to get out of trouble would be shameful in many circles. Nuns are meant to be devout to their religion and pure, which is why it could be easy not to suspect one of if a nun came walking by.

Esther Gomez De Aguilar used that assumption to her advantage when she dressed up as a nun to avoid suspicion and carry $90,000 worth of fentanyl on her person. Fentanyl is an illegal synthetic opioid drug that has been killing people left and right for quite a few years now.

It is one of the top drugs you should avoid because even touching it or inhaling it can cause a high. It is a drug that is 100 times stronger than morphine and 50 times stronger than heroin. It can kill people easily, especially if they don’t know they’re taking it. That happens quite often because dealers cut drugs like heroin with it to stretch out their supply and make more money.

Aguilar and her husband Jose Diaz Aguilar were actually stopped for entirely different reasons than drugs. They were stopped for something as simple as a moving violation by a K-P Deputy for the Sherriff’s Office of Pinal County, Arizona.

She had a bible in her lap while she was dressed as a nun in the passenger seat of her husband’s vehicle when the police stopped them.

The immediate search of the vehicle that followed uncovered four large bundles of fentanyl pills in her purse. Once those were uncovered the police started searching further.

Maybe Aguilar thought her nun costume would hold up to scrutiny. If she was hoping for a bit of respect or trust that wasn’t what she got. She had decided to wear the nun costume in the last ditch effort to conceal all the fentanyl she was carrying on her person.

The cops had no qualms quickly dissecting what was going on and retrieving the goods. From beneath her nun’s outfit, they uncovered 8.5 lbs of what they believed to be fentanyl, in powdered form.

That goes to show that you should never take what you see at face value these days. Crooks will go to any length to hide their crimes, even something as shameful as posing as a nun. They were both taken to jail and booked.

They were charged with possession of narcotics for sale and transportation of drugs for sale, along with suspicion of possession of narcotics.

It does not take a lot of fentanyl to kill someone, and Aguilar had more than enough on her person to damage to the community. The police really stepped up to the plate when capturing her and her delinquent husband.

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