Police cars on the street.
April 15, 2020

According to a spokesman for the Law Enforcement Agency, a hunt for a Clairemont office Thursday morning lead to the discovery of an illicit hiding place for growing activity for hallucinogenic mushrooms.
It has also been confirmed that the initial reason for this search was a result of a fentanyl overdose death of a local 20-year-old man. During the investigation of the death, the Narcotics Task Force agents discovered guns, ammunition, and a lot of drugs at the home of the 20-year-old man. This discovery leads to an aggressive search for the lab for creating illicit drugs.
According to the leading agent, Kameron Korte, the father of the man, shared the house with him and was later arrested for drugs and unlicensed guns found at the place. The father was also later discovered to be a convicted felon who was not allowed to be even near firearms, let alone have them in the house.
Later on, police agents put together a search for the lab for illicit drugs. The special agents discovered a hidden office on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard west of Interstate 805. Upon further investigation, detectives found thousands of dollars’ worth of magic mushrooms and hallucinogenic mushroom kits growing operation.
Moreover, the extent of the hazardous and harmful amount of hallucinogens forced the special agents to call in a specialized team of professionals who deal with such materials.
OnScene TV was also present during the investigation and was able to capture everything on camera. According to the footage, the team of special agents confiscated large bins filled with mushrooms from the place and also discovered an illegal growth of fentanyl, which is a highly dangerous and illicit drug in the USA.
According to the interviews with the agents, during the investigation, an inactive butane hash oil extraction lab was also found, sealed, and confiscated by the DEA. Upon the discovery of the lab, the DEA agents re-arrested the father suspecting that he had participated in the growth of the aforementioned lab.
All in all, the team declared this to be a successful bust after discovering and seizing hundreds and thousands of dollars’ worth of street drugs, guns, and ammunition. The DEA remains hopeful to completely banish all illegal drug operations from the area with similar operations in the future. All the resources are currently repositioned to discover underground labs for similar actions.

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