A drug that has only been discovered three other times in the state of Minnesota before was found being made. A man in Rice Lake, Minnesota was found to be homebrewing a psychedelic drug that is popular in other states in the U.S.

Donald Alan Rankin was making  Dimethyltryptamine, also known as DMT. It is a drug similar to the well-known LSD and is meant to raise awareness, perception, and is known to cause hallucinations.

Rankin was using plants that he bought online, including an Amazonian one, and products that are seriously flammable to manufacture the drug known as DMT.

The drug itself is a naturally occurring one in many different plants. The drug has been used for spiritual or ritualistic purposes in the form of ayahuasca tea and other types in the past. It causes short but very strong and intense visual and auditory hallucinations which is a part of what makes it popular.

In many places, DMT is common like MDMA or ecstasy, which are drugs usually found in the party scene to help enhance the experience. These drugs do pose a health risk over time, especially to the heart and are illegal for a very good reason.

They found a bunch of mason jars filled with a brown liquid beneath a top layer that was clear. Once the liquid was tested, it was confirmed to be the drug DMT. In the last ten years, DMT has only been discovered three times in Minnesota.

Drug seizures in Minnesota have been up in 2018, seizing much more methamphetamine than the previous years. It’s not unusual to find new drugs in some bigger states or cities. But in Minnesota, it was rare enough that they had to work with investigators out of Los Angeles.

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