Woman Disguised As Nun Trafficking Fentanyl

Disguising yourself as a nun to get out of trouble would be shameful in many circles. Nuns are meant to be devout to their religion and pure, which is why it could be easy not to suspect one of if a nun came walking by.

Esther Gomez De Aguilar used that assumption to her advantage when she dressed up as a nun to avoid suspicion and carry $90,000 worth of fentanyl on her person. Fentanyl is an illegal synthetic opioid drug that has been killing people left and right for quite a few years now.

It is one of the top drugs you should avoid because even touching it or inhaling it can cause a high. It is a drug that is 100 times stronger than morphine and 50 times stronger than heroin. It can kill people easily, especially if they don’t know they’re taking it. That happens quite often because dealers cut drugs like heroin with it to stretch out their supply and make more money.

Aguilar and her husband Jose Diaz Aguilar were actually stopped for entirely different reasons than drugs. They were stopped for something as simple as a moving violation by a K-P Deputy for the Sherriff’s Office of Pinal County, Arizona.

She had a bible in her lap while she was dressed as a nun in the passenger seat of her husband’s vehicle when the police stopped them.

The immediate search of the vehicle that followed uncovered four large bundles of fentanyl pills in her purse. Once those were uncovered the police started searching further.

Maybe Aguilar thought her nun costume would hold up to scrutiny. If she was hoping for a bit of respect or trust that wasn’t what she got. She had decided to wear the nun costume in the last ditch effort to conceal all the fentanyl she was carrying on her person.

The cops had no qualms quickly dissecting what was going on and retrieving the goods. From beneath her nun’s outfit, they uncovered 8.5 lbs of what they believed to be fentanyl, in powdered form.

That goes to show that you should never take what you see at face value these days. Crooks will go to any length to hide their crimes, even something as shameful as posing as a nun. They were both taken to jail and booked.

They were charged with possession of narcotics for sale and transportation of drugs for sale, along with suspicion of possession of narcotics.

It does not take a lot of fentanyl to kill someone, and Aguilar had more than enough on her person to damage to the community. The police really stepped up to the plate when capturing her and her delinquent husband.

Man Discovered Manufacturing DMT In Minnesota

A drug that has only been discovered three other times in the state of Minnesota before was found being made. A man in Rice Lake, Minnesota was found to be homebrewing a psychedelic drug that is popular in other states in the U.S.

Donald Alan Rankin was making  Dimethyltryptamine, also known as DMT. It is a drug similar to the well-known LSD and is meant to raise awareness, perception, and is known to cause hallucinations.

Rankin was using plants that he bought online, including an Amazonian one, and products that are seriously flammable to manufacture the drug known as DMT.

The drug itself is a naturally occurring one in many different plants. The drug has been used for spiritual or ritualistic purposes in the form of ayahuasca tea and other types in the past. It causes short but very strong and intense visual and auditory hallucinations which is a part of what makes it popular.

In many places, DMT is common like MDMA or ecstasy, which are drugs usually found in the party scene to help enhance the experience. These drugs do pose a health risk over time, especially to the heart and are illegal for a very good reason.

They found a bunch of mason jars filled with a brown liquid beneath a top layer that was clear. Once the liquid was tested, it was confirmed to be the drug DMT. In the last ten years, DMT has only been discovered three times in Minnesota.

Drug seizures in Minnesota have been up in 2018, seizing much more methamphetamine than the previous years. It’s not unusual to find new drugs in some bigger states or cities. But in Minnesota, it was rare enough that they had to work with investigators out of Los Angeles.

Kensington Initiative in Philadelphia Reaps Rewards: 11 Arrested In Massive Drug Bust

Philadelphia had breaking news in the form of a massive drug bust this week. Almost a dozen people ended up being arrested thanks to the tireless efforts of the police. The drug bust was in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The drug bust is now being announced as the “Kensington Initiative”.

The United States in the midst of what we call an Opioid Epidemic. Drugs are becoming the number one killer in our country, which should be entirely preventable. People want to know what is being done to keep their homes and communities safe.

People should be able to feel comfortable walking their streets or sending their kids to school. There shouldn’t be the shadow and threat of drugs hovering over their heads at any given moment.

Philadelphia had one of the highest death rates in the United States in 2016 due to drug use. More than 80 percent of people who died that year of drug use did so due to opioids. That is why this drug bust is so hugely important. It helped take a killer off the streets that was causing so much trouble in this state.

The health department says that it is a lot different than it was about twenty years ago when it comes to drug use. Now opioid deaths have taken over, especially due to the introduction of fentanyl.

A high number of police officers took to the streets Thursday morning to help make this happen. More than 160 officers served warrants at 13 separate homes and 15 different vehicles. These were places where known suspects lived or commonly visited.

This ended with eleven people being arrested with connections to drug trafficking in Philadelphia. Exactly what the community needed to prove something was being done about the state they’ve been so recently in.

The amount of money those people who were arrested made a year in suspected drug trafficking was around $8 million. Here is a list of the suspects that were arrested on Thursday:

–    Anthony Rojas, 32

–    Edwin Parrilla, 36

–    Jonathan Pagan Rojas, 35

–    Jose Dejesus Evangelista, 35

–    Kelvin Rojas, 35

–    Moreno Rodriquez, 26

–    Rafael Soto, 49

–    Raymon Rodriguez-Robles, 32

–    Rolfi Rodriguez, 40

–    Sandra Sanchez Pacheco, 51

–    Steven Joel Rodriguez Burgos, 25

The two drugs that managed to be seized during this massive drug bust were heroin and fentanyl. Two of the most addictive and most dangerous drugs out there right now doing damage to the city.

Together, the heroin and fentanyl seized amounted to around 170,000 doses of the drugs. They were sold around roughly the same area.

Everyone who was arrested will be facing similar charges. These charges do include one count of charges including corrupt organizations, conspiracy, possession with intent to deliver narcotics and simple possession.

The arrests will most likely not stop there. There is plenty to do in this “Kensington Initiative” and more justice should definitely follow.