It is not unusual these days for people to be caught selling drugs out of their own homes. With the rising drug epidemic on our streets, people find it is too easy to be seen on the streets. This leads to people doing it straight out of their homes. This is sadly the case even if it may endanger children or infringe on the safety of neighbors.

Yessenia Jimenez turned out to be a dirty NYPD cop. She helped smuggle drugs and even ran a heroin trafficking ring along with her long-time boyfriend, Luis Soto. Jimenez was 21 and Soto was 32. This definitely put a damper on their life goals, surely.

Jimenez tried to lie her way out of an arrest by claiming she had those drugs for her job as an NYPD officer. They didn’t buy it, and a federal jury locked her down as guilty on March 7th, 2019.

Soto and Jimenez utilized her Bronx apartment as a storage place for all the drugs they were smuggling. Not the smartest move for a cop. They ended up having a stash full of illegal drugs. Some of these drugs included kilos of heroin, fentanyl, and even cocaine. They were smuggled to the United States from Mexico. Hundreds of dollars in drug money was also recovered.

Jimenez was the one who sold the drugs, somehow finding the time among all her duties at the NYPD. She mainly sold them in Boston and New York. It was a mistake of her boyfriend Soto that lead to their ultimate discovery and catch in January of 2018.

Soto’s phone number was an on a list of people who had contacted a captured drug trafficker located in Queens, New York. That was when suspicions first struck.

Soto and Jimenez found DEA officers inside of their Bronx apartment a few months later in March of 2018. It shouldn’t have been a surprise that they would be caught eventually. They had just gotten back from Massachusetts where they had met up with their heroin drug trafficker.

Somehow Jimenez didn’t even notice the handle of her 9mm NYPD Glock sticking out her purse where it was buried in $25,000 cash. They easily understood the situation. Jimenez tried to claim she was “on the job,” but they didn’t buy it.

Jimenez was convicted in a trial of trafficking drugs.